Nearly 20 years ago we founded our family company, trying to accomplish our vision that shoes, accessories and apparels we really wanted to be selling, had to fulfill 3 things – Creative and Innovated Styling, Comfort and High quality on value for money price level.

So, all these years our company represents, and distributes for Greek and Cyprus markets some important brands such as CARRERA, CIENTA, GLU GLU, FLIP GUM, HOTSAND, IGOR, RGE and ROOBIN'S.

Our 20 years presentation has created a precious experience and a very healthy basis with the most important clientele in both countries.

Our clientele basis is HIGH END and fashion clothing stores, medium and high level shoes and accessories stores and important chain stores. Having our most important mission, customer services and support, strong sales force team, brands presentation showrooms, business trips visiting the customers and market very often all around Greece, getting updated at the most important exhibitions and showrooms abroad, we expect to always have some new proposals of fresh and new brands creating new opportunities for our market.



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